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The guitar on the Home page is a 1964 J-50 Gibson Natural flat top adjustable bridge with a ceramic boot. I picked it up at David Sheppard Instruments & Repairs here in Greensboro, NC in February of 1996.

The SANTANA pages are dedicated to my on going interest in the music of Carlos Santana. I have been a fan for 30 years. I have been a fan club member for 20 years. I'm so glad that my heart has kept beating to the soul, tone, rhythm and respect for the human experience that Carlos has so vigorously pursued all of the years. Santana is best experienced Live in concert but a pair of headphones, incense in a warm dimly lit room with your technique for mind expansion will do the trick nicely.

My interest in the music of Santana has recently been featured in a VH1 television series called, Ultimate Albums. Santana's Supernatural album was the focus for an episode and a large number of my personal Santana collectibles were used. Quite an honor. The folks at VH1 were very cool.

The BMW pages are dedicated to my interest in BMW automobiles. I've had three 325 BMWs so far. My current "Bimmer" is a black 1994 325is. I thought this excerpt from an article in one of my BMWCCA local chapter's monthly newsletter would give folks a basic understanding of what the numbers and letters meant for mostly all of the BMW automobile models.

*Note: I've just acquired a 2000 BMW 328ci. They'll be pictures and details of the new rig on the web site, soon.

The Current Events page is dedicated to showing off. Hester scanned in a bunch of photos to create a virtual photo album.

The SORR Main page is dedicated to my paternal grandfather. My family has some of the old photographs that were taken during his career as a Bridge Foreman for Southern Railroad in South, North Carolina and Virginia. I hope to develop an interest in this page as I've included many photos and I'm not sure of their details. I would really appreciate all information that you can provide as a result of viewing these pages.

The Heavner history page is the result of years of research done by a relative regarding my particular lineage of the Heavner surname. We've been able to trace back eight generations to an ancestor that arrived from Germany on a ship docking in Philadelpia, PA.

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