This animated .gif is the result of my interpretation of a copper plate etching that Professor Roy Nydorf created during a series of sittings I did for him in 1988. I was turning 30 years old at the time. Roy asked me to sit because some of his Art students at Guilford College had mentioned that after having seen me around campus (still doing my radio show at WQFS after almost 11 years) I looked like a German artist they were studying at the time.

Roy and I have been friends for many years and I was very excited for the opportunity to be a subject for his work.
After the Artist's 1st proof was presented to me in a beautiful antique frame by Terry Hammond, Roy's wife and curator of Guilford College Library, I had the image scanned in and used Paint Shop Pro to interpret the image with colors. I then used Paint Shop Pro's Animation to "flip" the image once to give it the current animation sequence.