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Tarheel Chapter - BMWCCA - I've been a member for more than 10 years
Carr Industries - Tom Carr and his crew service my bimmers
 BMW 1994 325is - My previous BMW and info about it

How BMW's Get Named Reprinted from "The Mile Post", Kansas City Chapter March/April 1996

In our third and final installment of cataloging BMW designations, we explain what the badge names mean.
As usual, this list was compiled from many different sources and is not an "official" list from BMW AG.

Since the early 1970's, BMW's have been named according to their model range, engine size,
and other characteristics (e.g. 325iX). The first digit refers to the model range (3=3-series),
the following two digits refer to the engine displacement (25=2.5 liters), and the letters refer to a distinguishing feature, body style,or characteristic of the car or engine. (i=fuel injection, X=four-wheel drive)

Exceptions to standard model designations involve models originating from BMW M or Motorsport.
Models produced by this division have an 'M' prefix followed by the original model range on which the car is based (M3, M5, M6, M535i, M635CSi).

However, before standardizing on the current 3,5,6,7 and 8-series designations, BMW primarily used engine displacement to name their cars. Examples include 1600 (1.6 liter), 2002 (2.0 liter), 2800 (2.8 liter) and so on.
BMW used a variety of numbers and letters over the years, but not always consistently in their application except in the use of the model range as the first number. Some letters are included on the data plate and registration, but may be missing from the badge on the trunk lid, such as "A" (automatic) and "C" (convertible).

Following is a partial list of letter designations with some examples:

A=automatic (2002A, 525iA)
C=convertible (325iC)
CS=coupe sport (3.0CS, 630CS)
e=eta (economy) engine in North America (325e, 528e)
i=injection (7401, 635csi, 3181); or international (2002ti)
L=long-wheelbase (740iL, 3.OL); or light (3.0CSL)
lux=luxury (2002tilux)
s/S=sport (3.0s, 325es); also denotes coupe body in North America (325is)
t/T=touring; touring could mean (318ti), wagon (525iT), or sport versions of early models (2002tii)
td=turbodiesel (524tds)
X=four-wheel drive (325iX)

L=luxury (L6)
M=Motorsport (M1, M3, M5, M6, M635)
Z=models developed by BMW Technic (Z13); roadsters (Z1, Z3)


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